Getting your first pair? Replacing an old one? Try these out!

You maybe looking for your first pair of earbuds or your previous one got lost and you need new ones. But you want them to sound GOOD without spending too much, so you go to the internet and you Google:




Yeah you get the amazing products and reviews but you wonder,

“Are these even available in the Philippines?!” – if it is,

“Where the f#$! do I buy them?” – you still ain’t sure if it is in stock if you did know

What we did here is we did the research for you and we’ll give you the best mix of pricequality and availability for the ear buddies that fits your lifestyle!

Links are included so you don’t even have to go out just to get them. Links will direct you to Lazada since [in our opinion] it is the most accessible store at the moment for the general public. (They even have Cash on Delivery!)

If you have your own SUKI or preferred audio shop, you can just ask them if they have the items listed here (your choice). We just want to share these SULIT finds!

*We could do a post for earphone/headset dealers here in Manila. If that would help you in making a decision, let us know in the comments below!



Photo from tuxiaomi.es

The underrated earbuds…

For those who haven’t heard of Xiaomi’s earphones, let me introduce them to you. In a nutshell, they provide great quality earphones at an affordable price! This is what they have been known for. To think that this is the 4th generation of their earbuds means they continue to improve and set the bar higher for their own product.

The quality you can get from these could rival those “Branded” headsets that could cost you 2,000php – 10,000php.

This set of buds are very durable, the 3rd gen Xiaomi Pistons were encased in plastic but this one is all metal which makes it much tougher to abuse. The cable is wrapped in a kevlar type fabric which splits into two flexible and tangle free rubber.

This is really worth your money, I own the 1st gen and 3rd gen of these earbuds and we just can’t help but to root for these babies!

If you’re still unimpressed with the Xiaomi Hybrids, another candidate would be the SoundMagic E10. Although they go for around 2,000php to 2,500php and is quite a challenge to find, you may be looking for something closer to what Audiophiles want which the SoundMagic E10’s could get you.

Buy them now!

GAMERS – Gigaware Kotion G2000 /G9000

Photo from gadgetviper.com

Get your game on with these headset!

In our opinion the more you spend on a Gaming Headset the less value you are getting back from it. You are really better of going in the middle, where you are maximizing the value (functionality , quality and durability) of the product without sacrificing the cost. I am aware of the massive number of gamers out there so before you rant against the less value thought, I think this only applies for those starting to get serious in gaming or just looking for a backup or replacement headset. Disclaimer set! haha

To start, the Gigaware Kotion G2000  and G9000 looks really cool with the LED lights! Really gets you in the mood for playing. The cord is braided which makes it durable. The foams are soft and a thick one is present on the top for support and protection which is nice. It also feels sturdy so you won’t really have a problem putting them on and off and on and off again and again. The ear cushions actually provide some noise cancelling which is a plus. Sound quality is… come on, this would not be here in the first place if the sound quality was bogus. They sound quality are actually good!

If you plan to take gaming seriously, / don’t have a gaming headset yet/looking to replace your broken one. Our suggestion? Get this!!

Buy G2000 now!

Buy G9000 now!

Lazada Philippines

BASS LOVERS – Awei ES-900i

Photo from AliExpress.com

I was wrong in judging these as crappy buds..

Look, to be honest, we have been seeing Awei headsets a little too much lately and always said they were just cheap and generally, hyped up earphones. In short, we didn’t like them. But one model really got our attention.

If you are really into thumps and bumps of bass. You would surely enjoy these buds. They give you solid bass experience without breaking the bank. You can turn the volume up without getting a bloated bass sound. Perfect if you are into hip-hop and club music.

It’s cable are flat and tangle-free. The build is a mix of metal and plastic which makes it feel sturdy and durable. They fit nicely in the ears (but still, I guess we have different ears..soo..)

You really just have to try these baby’s out to appreciate them. Getting them won’t really hurt your pocket too!

Buy them now!


Photo from BangGood

Business Meeting? On the Go lifestyle? Missing a call is never an option?

This is the match for you. I know you’re seeing other cheap small bluetooth earphones that sell for around 200php-300php. But most often than not, they’ll last for only about a month or two. Some does not even work out of the box and the battery life is..let’s not even talk about it. This is where the QCY Q26 comes in.

This bluetooth mono headset comes from QCY. It has a standby time of 70 hours (*take note it is STANDBY time), continuous music playback would be 3 hours and charging time takes less than 2 hours. And it is also rated IPX2, which makes it sweatproof! That’s a really nice feature.

It can be easily paired and relatively hassle-free just like any bluetooth device. The single button is able to do different tasks either while on a call or listening to music.

Now don’t get us wrong, this bud still delivers great sound quality compared to wired buds at much higher price point, so you can still enjoy your music while on the go.

I think the only downside is that this is only a single earpiece, but for the purpose of those people always on the run. This is PERFECT!

Buy them now!


Photo from Lazada MY

Finally decided to live the active lifestyle and need pumping from music?

Or maybe you’re already active and want to get extra motivation from kicking out your favorite Spotify playlist?

JBL is a very known brand in the audio community, at least in the mainstream one. But they do know their audio and tech. That’s why it was to my surprise that they have great quality earbuds at around 1,000php

They are advertising that it “Never Falls Out” hence the name Grip. And I must say it does hold up to shakes and bumps of running/training.

What I can say here is for the functionality that you’re getting – the grip, the quality and the “Brand” *ehem. You really can’t go wrong with these. Go ahead and let them be your running buddies. HAHA

Buy them now!

In Ear Monitors /Studio – KZ-ATE

Photo from Amazon

BONUS FIND!! HiFi sound for the cheap!

Look we found these babies searching for a decent pair of buds and when we stumbled with the KZ-ATE‘s, it really got us hyped!

True to the hype, this buds really give you the sound quality that more expensive in ear monitors give you.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead look it up on Google.

We just wanted you to know that the KZ-ATE exists! Just waiting for you to try them out!

Buy them now!

Hope this list helped you out!


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