You don’t need the Galaxy S8!

Samsung just released their latest flagship phone with the Galaxy S8 /S8+  and Apple is going strong with their iPhone 7/7+

Do you really need it now?

The hype is real and quite frankly these 2 company sums up the mobile industry.

But stop and think for a while.

Give me 3 good reasons why you need it now.

No NOT one good reason, THREE!

If you can’t provide three, which 90% of you won’t be able to, then I’m pretty sure you do not need it.

You don’t need it! You just want it!

This is assuming you already have a smartphone.

But what if you don’t? And it’s gonna be you’re first phone.

If it’s a gift and someone just gave it to you…TAKE it!
Heck it’s their loss!

But to spend your own money to go full blast on a premiere flagship?

YES you can, but why?!

Again, give me THREE reasons!

I’m not telling you to not get a phone because it’s all evil, because it’s addictive, because it’s anti social.. NO! I’m saying don’t go 100% on something that brings back only 50% of the value you really need.

Why spend that much money when, you can get an S7 Edge at almost 2/3 of the price of the new S8? It still is an amazing phone!   You can just use the remaining 1/3 of the money to buy an online course and learn something new! Create value for yourself! Smart decisions.

Why spend that much money on the new iPhone 7 PLUS when you can get the iPhone 6s Plus and use the remaining cash to finally start that online shop business you wanted to try for so long? Smart decisions.

If you’re looking to save more, get the OnePlus3 or OnePlus3T. You’ll have a lot of cash left to spend on creating value. Find a way to improve yourself! Smart decisions.

Heck you can opt-in to buy a cheap Android Phone and go all in if you really found what you wanted to do! Go work and build that start up! The higher the risk the better the rewards. Smart decisions.

You see, I don’t care what phone you get

What I just want to say is that you don’t have to sacrifice a whole lot to get the same value from something that makes you feel good. Just make sure that whatever you are buying will create value for yourself. In all practicality, the latest flagship phones really are priced more than their actual value! That’s how businesses work. You can get the S8 next year after you’ve started the business that you love which came from the little capital you saved from passing up on it. Sounds good right? Good!

Imagine this, you get the S8 and then nothing, back to your normal life. While another person gets the S7 Edge and grabs an online course (they’re cheap BTW) on how to create Apps and after a few months, is able to get ‘extra’ income from building apps. He’s even able to maximize the use of the S7 Edge since that’s where you test and run  those apps!

But what if you’re not a techy person? Buy merchandise that you trust and sell them off Instagram or Facebook! Best thing here? You can do this business anytime, anywhere!

There is always something you can do! Find a way!

Always do something extra on the side!

Well, you can buy the flagship and do the same right? Technically, Yes! But you can still use that extra money for something else! Remember, Smart Decisions!

Good Phone +  Travel  is better than just a Flagship Phone

Good Phone + New Skills is better than just  a Flagship Phone

Good Phone + Your own business is better than just a Flagship Phone

I am not taking away anything from the Galaxy S8. It’s a marvelous piece of technology. Just make sure you will be profiting from its use and not something just for display.

I guess this is more of a value centered article but I saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a good example of how individuals today consume their technology.

Well I guess, a little life advice wouldn’t hurt anyone.

So go ahead! It’s up to you to make those Smart Decisions, for YOU!