Gadgets, when should you charge them?

To start, if you have a habit of waiting for your phone to tell you that it’s running low on battery before you charge…nako!

STOP and continue reading!

Quick Notes:

  1. Avoid Fully Charging and Fully Draining your Battery

  2. Batteries today don’t suffer from memory effect – its okay to charge whatever percentage it is at.

  3. Small trickle charges are better than 0% to 100% charging

  4.  You don’t have to be overly protective of your batteries. You won’t be able to monitor it all the time. But it’s good to know a few guides that actually help your batteries.

Proper battery care is essential to prolong the life, not only of the battery, but also the gadget you are using. That’s why it is important to have a little guide to help you decide when to charge your devices. Unless you’re trying to get rid of your phone to get a new one. HA!

Majority of the batteries used for electronics today are Lithium-ion batteries. Smartphones typically last a day with moderate use before they get drained. Take note you should not do this – waiting for the battery to reach a critical level before you charge it.

The lifespan of batteries most of the time are measured in the number of charge cycles it can take. Charge cycle is the process of fully discharging and fully charging the battery. The reason why they measure it like this is because charge cycling does the most stress to a battery. With this it is safe to say that charging from 10% to 100% is considered to be very stressful to the battery rather than say,  50% to 85% which is very minimal stress.

Charge whenever you can!

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Knowing the fact mentioned above, let’s imagine a situation,

You are about to go out with your phone at 70%. Your friend says he/she will be ready after 30 minutes, then for 30 minutes you played with your phone until you’re friend is ready. Now it’s down to 50%. You go out and  you have to send a message to someone through messenger, so you open your data and you send it there, and of course you would not resist a few minutes of  Facebook scrolling as well, down to 40%. Arriving at your destination a lot of photo ops takes place and maybe you get excited to upload it, it now goes down to 25%. This is almost a critical level. From here you’ll start avoiding using your phone and save as much as you can until you get home.

You could have avoided this dilemma if you have used that 30 minutes to charge up to maybe 90% . Lesson here is, if you have time to spare just charge it whenever possible.

TLDR: Charge whenever you have time! Its fine to charge multiple times a day

Do not charge from 0% to 100%


As mentioned, the amount of stress the battery experiences to go up from 0% to 100% is very..well, stressful. And charging it like this as a habit will severely decrease your battery life. You should only do so once every 1 or 2 months

A go to guideline would be, when you see it’s below 40%, charge it! Stay away from the critical low levels, when you do so, you also stay away from stressing the battery.

Remove the plug when it’s 100%!


Batteries at 100% are stressed. Even though the charger cuts down on charging when full, it still does continuous trickle charging to keep it at 100%. Take note you are keeping the battery at a high-stress, high-tension state which will eventually ruin the charging capacity of the battery if you do it repetitively. I know sometimes we tend to leave it charging overnight, doing so will not actually damage the battery instantly but avoid doing so if you want to prolong the life of your battery.

Actually, don’t aim for it to be 100%


You don’t have to aim to get a full charge every time. It’s okay when you do but its better if you don’t. A fully charged battery is at its highest voltage,

High voltage = High STRESS


Keep your battery COOL


Another factor that affects your battery is temperature. It loses charge and degrades faster at a high temperature compared to a lower temperature. So if your device starts heating up, try resting it for a little bit, close unnecessary apps if it’s a smartphone and let it cool for a few minutes.


  • Stay away from stress levels (0% and 100%)

  • Always try to keep batteries in the 40% – 80% range

  • Don’t be afraid to charge it multiple times a day

  • Keep the temperature and stress low

Happy Charging!

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